Should I choose an IOP in NH?

What is an IOP? Do I need one? 

What is Intensive Outpatient or IOP.


An Intensive Outpatient is an addiction treatment program that allows you to still live at home, go to work, and see your family. This happens because you come onsite to a center only part of your day three to five times a week. Commonly referred to as an IOP, the Intensive Outpatient programs in NH offered by Bonfire Recovery follow a proven clinical method. 

An Intensive Outpatient program in NH can in many ways be the first step in a line of treatment for addiction. This is a higher level of care compared to a slightly less structured program know as an outpatient. This is usually recommended after and intake by a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. It can also be the next step down after a full inpatient addiction treatment program is completed. This, in turn, allows the individual a slow reintegration into “Real Life” while still providing a massive amount of support. Many times it is recommended that a person needing and IOP in NH gets into a detox program to help safely remove the drugs or alcohol from their system. This will allow for a clean mind and a body that isn’t feeling sick. Therefore letting the person suffering from Substance Use Disorder fully concentrate on getting better in a safe environment. 

Do I Need an Intensive Outpatient or IOP.


First, we need to establish what level of care an individual needs through an assessment. You should contact Bonfire Recovery to do this as soon as you can if you or a loved one feels they may need treatment for drugs or alcohol. Second, you should be an informed person seeking addiction treatment so you can make an informed decision. If you are recommended for an intensive outpatient program or IOP, generally you will be in an addiction treatment program in NH which will work the same way that inpatient residential program does. The main difference is you will be able to go to you home after. Once it has been determined that IOP is a good fit for your level of addiction treatment. An assessment will be given prior to admission. This is to give the team at Bonfire Recovery Addiction Treatment Services in NH the information that is needed. Allowing us to design and implement a completely personalized and proven addiction treatment plan of care. Your medical needs, physical needs, and mental health components are all evaluated, and then co-occurring disorders which can also be treated in Bonfire Recovery’s IOP. Bonfire Recovery will work closely with the person in their journey to all for complete comfort. We also will work with their loved ones, including them in the addiction treatment plan. 


What happens in a day of Intensive Outpatient or IOP.


With an Intensive Outpatient or IOP, there are many different types of proven counseling methods used. These include classes, sessions, meetings, workshops, and more that are scheduled daily.  These are in place to teach the client about the structure and its importance to addiction recovery. Everyone is expected to stick to this strict structure. Trust us, it’s for a reason. According to SAMHSA’s TIP, an Intensive Outpatient program generally facilitates 6-30 hours a week. Providing programming for addiction treatment in many ways. Of course, the exact number of contact hours and the types of counseling sessions are going to vary from person to person. Although the average amount of time an individual or individuals likely will be attending counseling sessions is in the 3-hour to 4-hour blocks. This will be about 4-5 days per week. These IOP Treatment sessions may be day or night sessions. This is all going to be depending on what works best. Each person is different and that’s why choosing a correct IOP for Addiction Treatment in NH is so important. The data found by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that addiction treatment programs across the nation should be at 90 days. This also notes that remaining in treatment for addiction for a sustained amount of time, greatly enhances recovery from addiction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should an individual choose IOP at Bonfire Recovery?

When a person wants to receive quality treatment for addiction in NH but can’t stop the daily routine of life. This gives the help you need while still being able to work and attend to family needs.

How Many Days is IOP?

There are three evening groups per week. We are happy to help you and we are growing fast with more groups and days available. 

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