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The Hidden Meth Epidemic in NH.

The Hidden Meth Epidemic in NH. With the attention on the opiate epidemic, meth has slipped through the cracks.People struggling with meth addiction compulsively seek it, deteriorating their mental and physical health.   It can also cause relationship problems...

Alcohol Abuse In New Hampshire

Alcohol Abuse in NH. Why is alcohol abuse in NH so high that it's twice the national average? Alcohol Abuse is rampant In New Hampshire   New Hampshire has one of the highest rates of alcohol dependency in the country. Did you know drinking heavily only a few...

What is Medicated Assisted Treatment?

What is Medicated ASsisted Treatment? Who is it for? Do I need it? I've heard of MAT or Medicated assisted Treatment. What is it?   There are a lot of people that are struggling with SUD or Substance Use Disorder. They now have options to help them mitigate and...

Why Should I Choose an IOP in NH?

Should I choose an IOP in NH? What is an IOP? Do I need one? What is a Intensive Outpatient or IOP.   An Intensive Outpatient is an addiction treatment program that allows you to still live at home, go to work, and see your family. This happens because you come...


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