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MHave you been charged with a DWI in New Hampshire?

In the state of New Hampshire there is the Impaired Driver Case Management Program. This is a required course for any individual, who through the court, has been convicted of a impaired driving charge. This course is needed to have their motor vehicle license reinstated by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bonfire Recovery in Dover, NH provides the IDCMP Aftercare component to this program. After you have your intake and assessment provided by a LADC you may be assigned additional courses for completion. That is where the IDCMP Aftercare program at Bonfire Recovery in Dover, NH comes in to help you.  

The Impaired Driver Case Management Program as required by State law must have the following components. Intake, Screening and an educational component. These are the minimum requirements.

If you are asked, after your initial assessment to complete more IDCMP Aftercare course work you will be happy to know that Bonfire Recovery can provide those services.


Intake Interview

This is the initial contact for the person seeking the IDCMP Aftercare



The client is asked a series of questions to determine the amount of counseling needed.


Aftercare Component

This component is created by the State of New Hampshire for the education of those in the IDCMP Aftercare in NH.


LADC Evaluation (if determined by predetermined State of NH Criteria)

This is a further evaluation if it is determined by a the screening of the IDCMP Aftercare.

Further counseling/group work or other work determined by the evaluation. (If determined by the LADC)

If further counseling is determined to be of need then the LADC will say so at this time.

Further Case Management (Determined by the State of NH guidelines)

This will provide the client with extra services as determined by the State of New Hampshire. Bonfire Recovery in Dover, NH has the LADC needed for your IDCMP Aftercare.

Impaired Driver Case Management Program Aftercare.
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