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Men’s Sober Living in Dover, NH

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We drug test and have staff on our sober living site to help hold you accountable.

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Nurtured recovery will produce amazing gifts. Men whose early recovery is enveloped in safety and structure go on to engage in their lives in unexpected ways. Every day, men with histories of drug addiction restore relationships, continue their education, start new families, get active in their local communities, and settle into new lives beyond their substance use disorders. This can be your story.

We are conveniently located between Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine in the scenic New Hampshire Seacoast area. We are a leading provider in New England of extended care for men.

Bonfire Recovery strives to foster growth and confidence in its clients using a proven social model of support while drawing from a rich variety of support sources. Staff, volunteers, local agencies, and friends in the recovery community all pitch in to spark a fire sufficient to fuel successful recovery. Bonfire Recovery sober living in Dover, NH residents can learn to live healthful and purposeful lives apart from substance misuse – for once and for all.

We DO accept people who are prescribed evidence-based medical treatments such as buprenorphine (Suboxone). 



It is our mission to provide the highest quality sober living recovery services at affordable cost to our residents, as well as meaningful service to our community.. 



Bonfire Recovery Services personnel strive to maintain a culture of trust. We prioritize confidentiality, transparency, and adherence to established standards of service delivery in all of our operations and programming.

Bonfire Recovery Services holds its contracted and non-contracted associates to a high standard of moral conduct in order to maintain a safe, inviting, and successful recovery environment.



New Futures Madeline Demuele Scholarship, for Excellence and Exemplary Contributions to the Delivery of Recovery Services (2015).



We envision a world in which self-defined recovery from addiction is accessible to anyone who pursues it.


We recognize that the recovery from addiction is a highly individualized endeavor that requires flexibility, client-centered care, and practical and evidence-based sober living supports in order to achieve and sustain.


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Sober Living in Dover, NH.
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Bonfire Recovery loves our clients. We take each individual that is in our sober living program seriously.


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